“To put everything in balance is good, to put everything in harmony is better.”

- Victor Hugo



Hello, I am Trudy Ferguson

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist based in Totton in the New Forest. I started my career in dental nursing where I discovered the ability to aid patients who had a fear of the dentist and help them remain calm for their treatment. I was encouraged to train in hypnotherapy so I could help more people gain their inner harmony, not just in dentistry but other aspects of their lives too.

Now fully trained, I am offering in-person sessions, either at my location or in the comfort of your own home and online hypnotherapy sessions. They can help with issues such as anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, fears, phobias, help with unwanted habits and can even help you to make that change you need or want in your life.

We explore your problem together and discover ways to create a long-lasting, effective change.

No matter what issues you’re facing, I will help you feel calmer, more confident and boost your self-esteem so that you can enjoy your life that you have worked so hard for.

“You must master a new way to think before you can master a new way to be”

- Marianne Williamson


Below you can see the services I offer.

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When anxiety strikes, our brain senses fear, and it cannot tell the difference between genuine danger and perceived danger. This is what leads to the fight or flight response: sweating, heart racing and panic. Hypnotherapy uses relaxation, imagery and positive suggestions to help you deal with these overwhelming emotions. I will help you to make those positive changes so you can become a calmer, healthier, and happier you.


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Fears and phobias can be incredibly overwhelming and can stop you from living your life to the fullest. They can make you behave irrationally, and you tend to adjust your life to work around them. They can also affect your relationships in a negative way. Hypnotherapy works at a pace you’re comfortable with and helps you to break that fear down and face it head on. You then gain back the freedom to live a fearless and confident life.


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Stress is something that most of us experience now in our everyday lives. It makes us feel that we are constantly under too much pressure and then finally we find we are no longer able to cope. Continued stress eventually takes its toll on both our mental and physical health. Hypnotherapy aims to break the negative thought patterns and responses to stress. This is done using the subconscious - the part of our mind that works automatically and without us realising. Hypnotherapy gives you the tools to change how you react to stress.


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Improve Self Esteem/Boost Confidence

Life can knock you down, which at times even for the strongest person, can make them feel inadequate and lacking in confidence. This can lead you to self-doubt and feeling like you have no inner self worth. Through guided relaxation, imagery and positive suggestion I will help empower you so when life tries to knock you down, you will be able to deal with it without feeling defeated. You can face the world with confidence again, assured that you are truly worth it.

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Habits provide a physical dependency, but that dependency passes in just a few days. It’s the psychological dependency that lingers. This makes hypnotherapy the perfect way to finally stop that habit as it delves into the subconscious to deal with the causes of this habit. Hypnotherapy can help replace the old bad habit with a new healthy habit and give you the chance to live life your way.


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Weight Management

Through the power of suggestion, you’ll enter a receptive state as you begin to focus on what you need to do in order to Lose Weight. You’ll remain fully in control throughout the process of uncovering what’s holding you back.


“The most important thing in changing human behaviour is the person’s motivation”

- Milton Erickson


I offer a free 15 minute chat either on the phone or on Zoom so you can discuss privately your situation and decide if hypnotherapy is for you and also that you are happy with me.

Hypnotherapy sessions explained

Normally it is recommended you attend three to five sessions; the first session is normally between 1.5 and 2 hours long. This is then followed by 4 more sessions lasting between 1 and 1.5 hours.

At each visit you will be sent a bespoke recording, some people charge separately for this, but I include it as part of my session package.

This is a particularly important part of your hypnotherapy journey, and you have to make the commitment to yourself to listen to it every day.


Session fee - £50

Smoking cessation - £250 (normally 1 session)

Weight management - £50 per session

Home Visits (additional to session fees - dependent on location) - Starting from £25 per session

Cancellation Policy

My commitment to you is always reserving you two hours of my day. Last minute cancellations prevent me from offering this time to someone else who may need it.

Therefore, I kindly request for at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel your appointment. I advise that a fee of £20 may be charged if the required notice is not given.

Thank you for your understanding

“Don’t be pushed by your problems be led by your dreams.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


See what my clients say about me.

“Thank you so much for our hypnotherapy sessions! Having had a really tough couple of years which left me very tense and anxious all the time, my sessions with you unlocked my ability to properly relax and I have since been able to cope so much better with stresses at work and in life in general. Your calm and gentle approach and the lovely visualisations you provide stay with me during the day and keep me in a positive frame of mind. I even sleep better now! I hope I don’t need to, but I’ll definitely be in touch again if I ever have a future wobble. ”


“Highly recommend this lady. Having never tried hypnotherapy I was not sure what to expect, but I had every trust in Trudy from the moment I heard her voice. I was a bit skeptical about it, but was very pleasantly surprised by the whole experience, it was nothing like you see on these TV shows, nothing wacky or weird about it. I found it to be deeply relaxing, my sessions with Trudy have been aimed around helping me deal with my Anxiety and Stress levels so that I can manage my stress induced seizures, and in all honestly before my first session I was having numerous a day ! BUT now that I'm doing this with Trudy it has helped reduce them quite rapidly! Trudy brings such a warmth around her, and when with her I can't help but feel safe!
Thank you Trudy, Thank you for helping me get myself better x ”



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